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High-performance RFID-readers and -antenna’s are needed where standard of-the-shell readers are not sufficient.
This may be the case with a multiple of tags are within the range, or the detection-range of the antenna is too small, or too wide interfering other RFID-readers in the vicinity.

We have experience with special antenna’s in combination with readers with HDR-frontend to extend the detection-range to a multiple of the antenna-size, for example portable long-range-reading .
An setup with a small pocket-size reader has demonstrated clearly that carrying  13.56MHz RFID-cards in public space without any RF-shielding is not very safe.
We also made antenna’s where the detection-area is limited to exactly the size of the antenna, to prevent interference and detection of tags just outside the detection-area.
Leaking of fields outside the detection-range is minimized to prevent remote eavesdropping of the reader-signals.