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We have designed special Power-Supplies and DC-DC -converters for various applications.
Extra specifications of DC-converters not found in off-the-shelf products are:    Historial meter from 20´s still in use

High power-efficiency, low noise, low ripple and emission, high isolation and low leakage,
or a fast PWM-modulation with a bandwidth till half of  switching-frequency.

Low emission, synchronous rectifiers have been made for wireless-energy -receivers, -transceivers and high-isolation power-supplies.
For efficiency and low emission, switching elements are controlled with ZVS or zero-voltage-switching.

 1st 1kW ClassD ampClass D Amplifiers
We have been working on full-range Class-D amplifiers for audio since 1991.
In 2000 we started the project LPC1, a Class-D Amplifier for full-range 1kW audio, in where a high power efficiency is combined with a perfect sound quality.

LF and RF power-generators
Robust, rigid and efficient RF-power-generators have been designed for various applications.
Examples are:
– A deactivator for soft EAS-tags with a RF-burst-generator of 3 kW at 7-10 MHz.
– Efficient RF-generators for Wireless Energy and other  inductive systems.
– Transmitters for charging and interrogating of medical implants.
– Clean HDR-transmitters and modulators for long-range-RFID and sensitive Inductive Detection Systems.
– 50 kVA IGBT-driver for Tesla-coils