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EMC includes the electromagnetic couplings around the object in two ways:
Influence from (1) or to (2) other systems:

The 1st includes immunity for (electro-)magnetic RF-fields, electrostatic discharge (ESD), magnetic pulses from inverters or lightning , and voltage-spikes and -bursts at (power-) cables.
The 2nd includes emission or radiation of electro-magnetic RF-fields at a distance of 10 meters, mostly caused by RF-currents in tracks, cables or inductors,  or electric fields from large PCB-areas or components.

One of the design challenges in switching power electronics is handling the RF-Emission below the EMC-limits.
Essential for EMC-engineering are means for measuring the RF-radiation,  locating the precise origin of it, and understanding how the local currents do generate a ‘far field’ or radiated power.
For accurate measuring of real RF-radiation at 10 meters, directional antennas are needed in a large free space, at large distance of twice the wavelength.
In many situations EMC-problems arise at frequencies corresponding to wavelengths larger than the size of the test-object and the emissions are converted to common-mode RF-currents in connected cables to be measured via current-probes. Distant radiation at 10 meters is calculated from these currents.
Shorter wavelengths have other origins of emission and are measured with wide-band antenna’s. Current loops on the PCB,  wiring, or leaks in shielding, can create local magnetic fields and will generate distant electromagnetic radiation.

emc2 REBIX has the means and experience for measuring the accurate levels and origins of various emissions.
During the measurements we will upgrade the product with extra components or layout-changes
until the radiation is well below the EMC-limits.