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Remote Temperature Sensor

This remote or wireless temperature sensor (DTM) is developed for monitoring the temperature in a process at places out of reach of other sensors.

Like infrared-sensors, temperature can be sensed from a distance, but this sensor needs no optical visibility of the measured object. The signal is sent by modulation of an high frequency magnetic field. This field will penetrate most liquids or substances and can only be shielded by a metal surface.

The sensor itself consists only of two passive components and contains no active electronic components limiting the temp-range. The cheap sensor can be considered as disposable when produced in high quantities. Regaining the sensor from the process is not needed.
The size can be 5 to 20 mm, depending on necessary sensing distance. The maximum sensing distance is about 10 times the size of the sensor.
For extreme high temperatures outside the range of other datatransmitters or dataloggers (till 500 degrees), special sensors can be constructed.


  • Temperature: – 50 till + 200 degrees
  • Accuracy : 1K for absolute measurement: till 0.1 K for temperature changes.
  • Measuring distance: 50 mm to 200 mm depending on size of sensor.
  • Sensing speed : 10 ms , for monitoring fast moving objects.


  • Temperature control in hermetically closed chemical processes.
  • Monitoring temperature-progress in a glue-process.
  • Temperature control in concrete work.
  • Sensing temperatures in rotating machines and brakes.
  • Monitoring in food-supply

Patent on the wireless temperature measuring method has been granted. Patent-number: NL1015906