Rebix Electronics:
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REBIX is a company for consultancy, engineering and development of analog electronics, specialized in inductive systems, wireless technologies and power-electronics.
Analog electronics includes all processing of signals between the physical environment of any system and the mostly digital controller, and can simply be explained as all except digital electronics in a system.


Because most engineers and companies like the engineering and programming of the digital part of a system, we like engineering the analog remains.   We use to cooperate with companies with plans for development of mixed-technology products, and who do not have all necessary know-how for the analog parts.


Our main activity is the design and development of electronic circuits for specific analog applications, which are not available on-the-shelf.
The effort may vary from finding solutions for single problems, till the (re-)design of complete electronic systems to meet the desired specifications.

Consultancy within one of our specializations, can vary from an feasibility research on new ideas, to the engineering of  analog systems, in cooperation with the customer.

In any case our knowledge and experience in the analog and physical parts will be of surplus value in the development process.