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High-performance RFID-reader

Readers for reading the 13.56 MHz RFID-chips in many cards are common, however with the low antenna-efficiency and poor electronics, the activation- and reading-distance is mostly very small.
REBIX constructed a RFID front-end which can activate and receive data from various 13.56MHz-chips (from Chinese underground tickets to Dutch ID-cards) at a much larger distance.
By the high Q-factor of the antenna, 200, the transmitter could make the necessary interrogation-field, with a low RMS-power of only 1 Watt, generated with an efficient classE-RFdriver.
With a antenna of only 10 cm in size, the reading distance to the standard Rfid-cards  was 20-24 cm,
rising to 30cm with increased transmit-power of 4W.
The complete reader, using ISO/IEC 14443A -protocol, can be made compact and battery-operated.
The very weak return-signals from the RFID-chip, reduced by the high Q-factor of antenna, are received with a RF-driver/demodulator using HDR electronics.
The setup demonstrated that using such RFID-cards in public space without any RF-shielding, is unsafe like open wallets.rfid2