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Nedap eas-antennaDifferent from Radio or Radiative-systems, in Inductive systems the range is not optimized but limited to a clearly defined area by the size and shape of the magnetic antenna.
At far distance the magnetic field will reduce with the 2nd, 3rd or 4th power of distance, in contrast to radiative- or far field- systems where magnetic field will decay with 1st power of distance.
With optimum antenna-design, interference to other frequency-users in neighbourhood is prevented.
Representative applications are RFID (RF-Identification) – and EAS (Electronic Anti Shoplifting)- systems, and Metal-detectors.

Precise remote measurement of distance, position or movements of tags or metal objects, is an other application with RF magnetic fields. Inductive sensing systems are made for converting the exact 2D- or 3D-position of metal parts within a limited space to 2 or 3 linear signals.
With Wireless Energy Transfer batteries in many semi-portable devices can be replaced or recharged without cables, in a strong magnetic field from a low loss transmit-coil.

A special inductive sensor is our Remote Temperature Sensor (DTM) . Via an isolated tag with a passive LC-circuit, temperature (or other parameters) can be monitored, realtime.  Measurement of temperature is possible in separate or isolated places outside the range of optical IR-sensors, and with extreme temperatures too high for active semiconductor sensors.

Rebix can design inductive components for any inductive system, from special transformers or coils to magnetic antenna´s.