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Amplification and conversion only of weak but clean signals is easy, many chips are available.
The challenge lies in harnessing the weak signals against environmental influences.
Interference may come from thermal or mechanical noise, EMC, or out-band frequencies.
We have experience with various circuits for processing weak signals from a noisy environment,
where maximum reliability, sensitivity and dynamic range are necessary.

Interference from EMC or external noise-sources, can be reduced with proper PCB-layout, interconnection, and wiring. Transformers, EMC-filters or selective bandfilters are added when necessary.
Frequency- and puls-response are compensated in linear filters, to minimize the effect on wanted signals.


Some examples of analog circuits:prot11
– Amplifiers, multiplexers and modulators for cable-TV
– Selective radio-receivers at busy ISM-frequencies
– Filters and demodulators for data-acquisition and telemetry
– Analog front-end for RFID, EAS- or MD- detection-systems
– Pre-amplifiers, filters and mixers for various inductive sensors
– Circuits for processing of high-end audio
– Ultra low power RF-receivers
– Harnessed receivers inside wireless energy antennas